About Us

Managing time has become more of a necessity today, so this site is dedicated to provide you with the best time sheet templates in a downloadable and printable format. A time sheet is an organizational method of systematically recording each worker’s time spent on the job. So it is a systematic method used by the corporate sector to measure an individual worker’s productivity and to manage weekly schedule.

A time sheet contains important details related to an employee’s office schedule such as task description, time of commencing and ending and activity, etc. So it can enable a manager to break down the office hours of a worker by recording the time spent by the worker in each activity. This enables a manager to track the progress of the overall operational activities of the company and take the necessary measures.

Through this site, we have provided you the weekly time sheet templates in various templates, such as Excel, Word and PDF. So you can edit them according to your preferences and create a daily, weekly or monthly schedule of your employees.